Our Company

What Sets Us Apart

Finteris Wealth Management is distinct in that it operates as an independent business.

-        Decisions are made LOCALLY
-        Our broker dealer works for US
-        We MAINTAIN small business feel with big investment firm backing
-        We express Midwest VALUES and WORK ETHIC
-        Within our multiple branches, our advisors have a combined 200 years of EXPERIENCE
-        Our advisors have experience managing through various MARKET CYCLES
-        Our advisors are independently and corporately INVOLVED in their local community
-        Finteris’ investment plans are built for YOU & YOUR goals – with a broad array of investment options
-        Our advice is not simply a guideline, it is actionable
-        We LISTEN to YOU

At Finteris we know that personal finance can be complicated. We will keep you informed, educated and confident in your financial decisions.

Who We Do it For

Our advisors manage over 2.1 billion dollars for a diverse set of clients across the United States as of May 1st, 2024. We have experience creating investment plans for everyone. Whether you are a retiree, any size business owner, professional, college saver, or any type of saver, we can create a plan to help you accomplish your goals. We also have valuable experience working with endowments, high and ultra-high net worth individuals.